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Jan 2017 – St Louis Post Dispatch:

July 2016 – The Century Foundation:

June 2016 – The St Louis American:  “Inequity in our region is literally killing our children”

May 2016 – St Louis Post Dispatch:

May 2016 – Community Builder’s Network

Articles about the Housing and Education convening at City Garden:

“Taking housing, education equity beyond the school doors” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch article by Elisa Crouch)

For information on City Garden, our history and mission:

PRRAC Poverty & Race “City Garden Montessori School in St. Louis: A Story of Education Reform, Gentrification and Housing Advocacy”  (It’s on Page 9)

Edweek “In Charters, Using Weighted Lotteries for Diversity Hits Barriers”

The St. Louis American “Urban Montessori school scores 100 percent on Annual Performance Report”


From the Archives:

April 2015 – “Women’s group works to keep thriving Forest Park Southeast neighborhood diverse” –

May 2016 – Focus St Louis “What’s Right with the Region” video –

For the Sake of All Report link:

National Coalition on School Diversity info:

From Forward Through Ferguson:

December 2015 – “Affordable housing coming to Forest Park Southeast” –