Throughout this year, City Garden will be applying to renew our charter for another 10 years. As we do so, we are recommitting ourselves to our children and to a 10-year plan of sustainable growth and transformative mission work.

These past 10 years would not have been possible without the support and commitment of countless people across our community. As we enter the next 10 years, we are asking you to recommit with us by becoming a Perennial Monthly Sustainer with a monthly pledge.

Just like the reliability of perennial flowers, returning again and again, City Garden’s Perennial Monthly Sustainers provide stability and consistency that we can depend upon. We cannot overstate how important their role is in ensuring the sustainability of our children’s education. We invite you to help us propagate our perennials by adding your own monthly gift.

On the donate form, be sure to check “Show my support by making this a recurring donation.”