Jahir Bartley-199-(ZF-4373-51811-1-121)   Evelyn LeCointre-090-(ZF-4373-51811-1-093)   Cameron Siebert-580-2-(ZF-4373-51811-1-036)

At City Garden, we have an audacious mission and vision. Our school has been developed by community members, for our neighborhoods, and provides a model for outstanding, innovative education, effective neighborhood and community development, and interactive integration. We want to build upon what we provide for our children, families, and neighborhoods. We also want to contribute more deeply to the larger movement to improve education in our city and country.

We know that many businesses, corporations, and individuals share our passion to improve educational options and the overall well-being of our city. As a City Garden individual donor or organizational Community Partner, you can be part of the change and support innovation in education and effective community development.

Though City Garden has proven its effectiveness, as seen in student test scores, state evaluations, and community feedback, as a public charter school, our elementary program receives about 75% of the state and federal funds that district schools receive. The public education we deliver is on par with independent schools that charge between $10,000 and $18,000 per year. We believe it paramount to continue to be able to provide an excellent education for free, but the difference between state and federal funds we receive and our actual costs leaves a gap of approximately $3,800 per student annually. That’s a gap we are determined to fill every year and your contribution is crucial to that goal.

Please join us in this effort to keep excellent, anti-biased, anti-racist Montessori education accessible to all of our children. Together we can continue to build the educational community our children and families deserve.