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Play Research

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (2012): randomized control study found the structured play system called “Play Works” to decrease bullying and increase on track behaviors.



5 page report from the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention called “The Association Between School-Based Physical Activity, Including Physical Education, and Academic Performance”. It sums up research involving school-based PE programs, recess, classroom physical activities and extracurricular physical activities and their effects on concentration and academic and social performance.



The Alliance For Childhood: 60+ page article on the importance of play citing several research articles over the past few decades: particularly studies of 50 play based kindergartens in Germany comparing 50 cognitive-based learning centers. Found play-based kindergarten children to be excelling socially, mathematically, reading, emotionally and creatively.  This study caused Germany to convert back to play-based kindergartens.



Article detailing how a child’s occupational performance is hindered by obesity.



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