Our Staff

We are often asked what makes City Garden Montessori so unique. Well, quite simply, it is the people who make up our community, starting with those who teach our students each day. Read about them here.

Staff Members

Administrative Staff

Christie Huck

Christie Huck

Christie Huck - Executive Director

Christie Huck is a native of St. Louis. She became involved in the start-up of City Garden’s charter school as a parent and a community organizer. Christie is convinced that school can be a place where the light in children is kindled, where community and creativity merge and where hope for the betterment of our society and our planet resides. In 2006, she, Founder Trish Curtis and other parents began to meet to envision an elementary school that provides a nurturing, individualized education to every child, is racially and economically integrated and is rooted in its surrounding neighborhoods. After much work, City Garden’s charter school then opened in Fall, 2008 as St. Louis’ first neighborhood charter school. After serving as Assistant Director, Christie accepted the position of Executive Director at City Garden in May, 2010. Christie remains passionate about education reform as a key component to wider social change. She is grateful to share the City Garden journey with her sons, Jude and Nicholas, who attend City Garden, and her daughter Madalyn, who is studying to become an early childhood education teacher. Christie and her family are residents of the Shaw neighborhood.

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 213    Email: christie@citygardenschool.org

Dr. Nicole Evans

Dr. Nicole Evans - Principal

Nicole is a native of St. Louis and has been in the education field all of her life. She grew up in the home of an educator and was always following her role model, her dad, around while spending many hours in his classrooms! She earned all of her degrees here in St. Louis. Nicole has a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from Harris-Stowe University, a Masters Degree in Educational Administration from Lindenwood University and a Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership from Maryville University. She joined City Garden during the 12-’13 school year after serving as an educator, Assistant Principal and Principal for the past 17 years. She also serves as an adjunct professor for Lindenwood University. Nicole is very excited to lead a school that strongly believes in the Montessori Method and lives to go above and beyond to ensure success for every student who walks through the doors of City Garden. Nicole has a supportive husband, Russell, two sons, Ryan and Scottie and Tyra, her daughter. Her oldest son, Ryan, lives in Chicago with his wife and son RJ, who is the apple of Nicole's eye!

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 201    Email: nicole@citygardenschool.org

Debra Fox

Debra Fox - Executive Assistant to the Executive Director


Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 235    Email: debra@citygardenschool.org

Sharmouel Mosley

Sharmouel Mosley - Executive Assistant to the Principal

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 231    Email: sharmouel@citygardenschool.org

Liz Harris

Liz Harris - School Secretary & Admissions Coordinator

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 200    Email: liz@citygardenschool.org

David Blank

David Blank - Director of Finance and Operations


Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 237    Email: david@citygardenschool.org

Bob Sweeny

Bob Sweeny - Director of Development and Public Affairs

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 215    Email: bob@citygardenschool.org

Faybra Hemphill

Faybra Hemphill - Director of Community Engagement and Racial Equity

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 220    Email: faybra@citygardenschool.org

Tiffany Murphy

Tiffany Murphy - Business Office & Facilities Coordinator


Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 214    Email: tiff@citygardenschool.org

Amber Norris

Amber Norris - Communications, Grants, & Events Coordinator

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 203    Email: amber@citygardenschool.org

Tina Hunsberger

Tina Hunsberger - Volunteer Coordinator

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 233    Email: tina@citygardenschool.org

Amanda Gilliom

Amanda Gilliom - Lunch Coordinator

Tel: 314-664-7646    Email:

Academic Support Staff

Kristina Mavers-Vogel

Kristina Mavers-Vogel

Kristina Mavers-Vogel - Family Support Coordinator


Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 202    Email: kristina@citygardenschool.org

Danielle Ross

Danielle Ross - PE/Health & After Hours Coordinator

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 239    Email: danielle@citygardenschool.org

Roger Reyes

Roger Reyes - Spanish Instructor

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 242    Email: roger@citygardenschool.org

Phillip Graves

Phillip Graves - Music Instructor

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 241    Email: phillip@citygardenschool.org

Jeanne Eveld

Jeanne Eveld - Special Education Instructor

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 230    Email: jeanne@citygardenschool.org

Christine Phillips

Christine Phillips - Special Education Instructor

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 236    Email: christine.phillips@citygardenschool.org

Catherine Dolan

Catherine Dolan - Speech Therapist


Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 228    Email: catherine@citygardenschool.org

Title Reading

Cathy Bain

Cathy Bain - Director of Special Services / Reading Specialist


Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 218    Email: cathy@citygardenschool.org

Anne Beney

Anne Beney

Anne Beney - Reading Specialist


Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 223    Email: Anne.Beney@citygardenschool.org


Shannon Adams

Shannon Adams - Guide, Primary 1


Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 221    Email: shannon@citygardenschool.org

Rosabeth Koehn

Rosabeth Koehn - Assistant Guide, Primary 1

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 221    Email: rosabeth@citygardenschool.org

Dr. Suneetha de Silva

Dr. Suneetha de Silva - Guide, Primary 2


Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 206    Email: suneetha@citygardenschool.org

Hilary Fischman

Hilary Fischman - Assistant Guide, Primary 2

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 206    Email: hilary@citygardenschool.org


Amy Willems

Amy Willems - Guide, Primary 3


Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 207    Email: amy.willems@citygardenschool.org

Sheila Fitzsimmons

Sheila Fitzsimmons - Assistant Guide, Primary 3

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 207    Email: sheila@citygardenschool.org

Lower Elementary

Anne Lacey

Anne Lacey

Anne Lacey - Guide, Lower Elementary 1


Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 204    Email: anne@citygardenschool.org

Amanda Edwards

Amanda Edwards - Assistant Guide, Lower Elementary 1


Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 204    Email: amanda@citygardenschool.org

Brenda McDonald

Brenda McDonald - Guide, Lower Elementary 2

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 224    Email: brenda@citygardenschool.org

Trisha Anderson

Trisha Anderson - Assistant Guide, Lower Elementary 2


Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 224    Email: trisha@citygardenschool.org

Darcell Butler

Darcell Butler

Darcell Butler - Guide, Lower Elementary 3


Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 226    Email: darcell@citygardenschool.org

Lynnsey Gaines

Lynnsey Gaines - Assistant Guide, Lower Elementary 3

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 206    Email: lynnsey@citygardenschool.org

Upper Elementary

Jori Martinez-Woods

Jori Martinez-Woods - Guide, Upper Elementary 1

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 225    Email: jori@citygardenschool.org

Camille Young

Camille Young - Assistant Guide, Upper Elementary 1

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 225    Email: camille@citygardenschool.org

Morgan Joyner

Morgan Joyner - Guide, Upper Elementary 2

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 211    Email: morgan@citygardenschool.org

Syria Mason

Syria Mason - Assistant Guide, Upper Elementary 2

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 211    Email: syria@citygardenschool.org

Ariel Campbell

Ariel Campbell - Guide, Upper Elementary 3


Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 210    Email: ariel@citygardenschool.org

Kay Howard

Kay Howard - Assistant Guide, Upper Elementary 3

Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 210    Email: kay@citygardenschool.org

Junior High

Amy Denother

Amy Denother - Guide, Junior High 1


Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 227    Email: amy@citygardenschool.org

Pat Garrett

Pat Garrett - Guide, Junior High 2


Tel: 314-664-7646 ext. 234    Email: pat@citygardenschool.org

Brian Blanson

Brian Blanson - Assistant Guide, Junior High


Tel: 314-664-7646    Email: brian@citygardenschool.org